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September 27, 2004



my name is mandy and my son will be 2 months on 9/1. i was over producing in the beginning up until a few weeks ago, i have been stressed and am only happy when i'm around my son. my milk is decreasing and even though i am still eating for 2 it doesn't seem to be working.. getting into it with my husband isn't helping b/c he doesn't get it always saying it's my eating habit i'm not eating enough and that i need to pump more.However i don't want to use bottles he's getting to used to them and my husband tries to make sure i always have a bottle with us when we go out. Please help me i don't want to have to put my son on formula we had to once before b/c i accidentally spilled the milk i had pumped my mom was watching him and he spit it up for a 1 1/2 even though i was breastfeeding him.



I suggest it u can try red lentils , Just boil it with salt and pepper, some lemonjuice to make it taste better. This helped me with both my kids. This is an old Indian remedy. Hope this works for all of you. You can getit at any stor ehtses days , Bulk barn , Loblaws, Or any store selling Indian groceries.


hi.my name is janice. i have twins. before i can give all their demand in breastmilk but now i cant, my breast started to get dry.. i tried to pump but i only get very little amount. can you help me regain my breastmilk. thank you


Thank you for taking the time to share your story and helpful hints.


hi my name is amanda and i just this saturday august 9th got married. i have a 3 month old son which i breastfeed. we went on a 3 day honeymoon i pumped every 4 hours but now my son wont take to the breast and milk seems to have decreased. what can i do to increase milk supply


Uma, I am so sorry for your troubles, and I can feel your frustration. First of all, I'd like to say that I am not a nurse, lactation consultant or other health care professional. All I can do is share with you my experiences and the research I have found. I would advise, though, for professional advice you consult with a lactation consultant, even if by phone, and/or your son's pediatrician.

As far as foods that will increase milk supply, I only know of oatmeal and beer! Of course, you need to drink 64 ounces of water, and there are a ton of herbs you can take which reportedly work very well at increasing milk supply.

At this point, I would look into renting a hospital grade pump and start pumping 8 times a day. I am not sure what to tell you about easing off the formula -- you would probably do better to speak with your pediatrician.

I found a couple great articles with advice on how to handle your same situation:



I hope you will find something in these articles that will be of assistance. Please feel free to email me again if you have any other questions, and do keep me posted on your progress.

All the best to you and your family.


P.S. I edited your original comment to delete your phone number (I didn't want some weirdo to get a hold of it....)


Hi, My name is Uma, and I desperately need your advice on breastfeeding. This is my second baby, and I didn't have luck breastfeeding my first baby, six years ago, which is why with this child, I was determined to breastfeed.

My baby will be 6 weeks old this Friday. I began breastfeeding the day he was born, and he took it well, feeding often,
but thought that it wasn't enough, as he was always crying afterwards, and would always fall asleep when fed. One of the nurses suggested that I give him the bottle in the night, so that I wouldn't be as tired, and continue breastfeed in the day time, so that's what I did, but now regret it.
He was 9 lbs. at birth. At home, I tried to breastfeed also, but always gave him formula to satisfy him.
I also tried to pump my milk with a breast pump, but hardly can get out an ounce at each pump. Now, he is so used to the bottle, because it flows fast, that he completely refuses my breast. I have tried everything, but because it doesn't flow fast like the bottle, he gets very impatient and cries. I do eat properly, is there anyfood(s) that can increase the supply of breastmilk?
My question is, how can I get him to take the breast again, and increase my milk supply?
Is my milk supply going to stop now, because he refuses to feed?
Any advise you may have will be appreciated. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
Thank you,
Uma -

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