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October 01, 2007



Is everything okay?


Merry Christmas Melissa. Also miss you and hope you come back soon.


Merry Christmas Melissa! Thinking of you!


Happy Holidays!


miss you.hope you come back soon.


Sorry to hear how weaning has made you feel. I'm still feeding my 3 year old and my 20 month old and husband wants me to stop - i think he wants my boobs back as his!! i can't bear the thought of stopping but i know i will one day. i'll keep checking back to see how you're going.

lots of thoughts from the other side of the pond.


been thinking of you...hope all is well. kisses.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Hey Melissa ... I found myself thinking of you last night and wondered how you are. I miss hearing about you and your boys!


Melissa. It's been a month. I'm worried about you. E-mail me if there's anything I can do from afar.


I miss you. I hope you're okay.


hope all is well. miss hearing from you.


I am sorry that you are feeling so blue. I know that must be really difficult! Thinking of you.


Melissa, Missing you and thinking of you. Hoping things are getting better and that we'll hear from you soon.


Argh. I know it can be difficult. I felt the same way when I was forced to stop. Do anything that brightens your day. Soon he'll be happy-go-lucky again and it will rub off on you.


Hugs for you. (I went through the same thing as the wife of another commentor here...I know how hard it is...)
Just hugs.
We'llbe here when you decide to return.


oh I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult time. sending you good thoughts and best wishes your way. xoxo


I remember those days well. I stopped nursing Liv seven months ago and I still have milk. It always reminds me and I feel like I lost a part of me when I stopped nursing. However, I gained a new side of me I didn't know existed. Just watching her chubby legs run around the house reminds me that I made it all happen and that's all I need to wipe away the ho-hum sometimes.


So melodramatic! I didn't know I had it in me..... :-)


Heather and I know it is hard. You will both get through it.... sending you hugs.


Adam is turning one this weekend and Kathleen and I had been discussing how we were going to begin the weaning process with him. Then last Friday Kathleen was diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs and the medicine they put her on prevented her from breastfeeding at all unless risk Adam getting very sick. It was very sudden. No time for any of us to prepare. One day he was a nuzzling up to mommy at bedtime and the next we had to switch him to a bottle. Kathleen nursed him one final time last Friday night before she started her medicine and when she came downstairs she was crying. We talked for hours about it, but there's no way I could ever understand the emptiness or void she is feeling. The only thing I can do is be there for her.


Take care of you. The lack of hormones can be a culprit for the blues. Not to suggest you second guess yourself, but if this is so difficult for you and him, were you both ready to wean?


Sending you a big hug Melissa. I wonder if the lack of oxytocin you were getting from nursing might be contributing to how you feel. I know a fair number of people who have experienced similar symptoms after weaning. It presents a little like post-partum depression. Please do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself.

I was lucky with Oliver. My post-weaning symptoms were all physical, and solved with cabbage leaves. Though Eleanor started on solids we're not thinking that far ahead yet.

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