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February 26, 2008



Helloooooo...... where are you????????


Just a quick check in to say I still check for new posts weekly... are you ever coming back to us?


YAY! You posted...and of course I'm late to read, because I don't even (CAN'T) log in at work!
Congrats on all the good things, happy belated birthday to the boys. Hope everything remains well!
Miss you lots!


Getting nervous... you haven't disappeared again have you? And we've not even heard more about this new job of yours yet!


41 days now. Not that I'm counting or anything...


Starting to get nervous... don't make us wait 4+ months to hear from you again!


Okay, Melissa. You're disappearing again. Post an update soon. You are missed, you know.


Hello Melis...Been thinking about you a lot!! So glad to hear the updates! Tell us more about the new job?? My sister's baby girl is 7 months old already?? Where did the time go? Have to tell you..I'm officially a soccer mom..picking up the minivan tonight! Glad you are back writing...I miss you!! Hope to see you soon and hope your entire family is doing well!!!


Nice to see you back, Mom. I am glad everything going well with you and your families. Bless your weight loss plan.


Now don't stay away too long again!!!


so glad to see that you are well and happy and busy! I checked every once in a while to see if you had posted and am so happy to see that you are back.


SO glad you are back. I've posted a few comments just to let you know I was thinking about you. Glad that all is well, even if it is nuts. I keep telling myself, it's a good kind of nuts, right?


You're back!!!!!!!!! I've been checking in every day. I knew one day I would again find a new post here!!!!!! Today is the day!!!!! WOW - travelling overseas for a week each month, I can't wait to hear about the new job - and you often said your old commute was bad!!! Like Justin, my Heather said probably only 30 words by age 2 and was not really putting two words together at that point. Now she is almost 4 and never stops talking!!! Her prononciation still has a bit to go, but is improving every day. There is such a wide range of development. I'd bet his frequent ear infections have not helped his cause either. Has the ENT checked his hearing just to make sure all is okay in that dept? I bet being in school around other kids will help move it along also. Blegh on the non-weight-loss - how frustrating!!! I agree with your friend... I read so much about how lack of sleep screws up your body and makes it hold onto the pounds. Probably not a bad idea to see the doc and have the thyroid checked also. Good luck! Again, so good to have you back.... try not to stay away so long next time :)


Welcome back! We missed you! I think you just inspired me to get cracking on my basement room that still has boxes from when we moved 11 months ago.

Like Amy said, try not to stay away so long again! I want to hear more about the overseas travel. I am envious...probably because Eleanor is still nursing 5 times a day. I am ready for some kid-free time, even if jet-lag is involved.


AHHHH! You posted! And, wow, you certainly have had a lot going on. It's so wonderful to see you back again. Try not to stay away so long again.

What a wonderful surprise to see this post today!

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